Sara Russ, The Bee Lady, visits schools and childcare centres with her glass observation hive to teach children all about bees and why they are so vital. During her visit children learn the important role of pollination and why humans depend on bees to survive. They also learn why bees sting and how to avoid getting stung, about the different kinds of bees, the jobs they do and what we can do to help the bees.

All the children will get to make a beeswax candle to take home. They”ll also taste some honey and participate in other activities such as sculpting a bee, drawing and labeling a bees anatomy, word finds, watch a 360 degree video inside a bee hive and more.

​Sara has been a bee keeper for over ten years and is passionate about spreading the buzz about why bees are so wonderfully important. Sara is also a qualified Early Childhood Teacher.

​If if you would like Sara and her bees to visit your school email her at


If you would like Sara and her bees to visit your school send her a message

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